Welcome to the Helensburgh Community Panel

It is difficult, even in a town the size of Helensburgh, to gain a representative, consensus view on a particular issue or problem,which can then be actioned by the Community Council.
A method which goes some way in correcting this deficiency is employed successfully by Argyll & Bute Council who have established a citizens panel for consultative purposes.

The Community Council is therefore following this lead on our own Facebook site.
We intend to set up a panel of 130 residents as a representative quorum of the town's population. We are currently testing the procedural aspects and much work has to be done in getting the demographics and postal code coverage across the town correct.
If you haven’t already registered with the Panel, please contact convener@helensburghcommunitycouncil.co.uk to do so.
Please provide your name, address and postcode.
We’ll send you an e-mail inviting you to take part in the first survey with full instructions on how to complete it.
You’ll need to register for Facebook, if you’re not a member already, as that’s our chosen medium for the Panel.

We’d like to remind you that any data you give us will be stored securely.

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